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Fasting Therapy

About Fasting Therapy

  • Fasting is abstinence from food or drink consumption, or both, for a specific period of time. In Sanskrit fast is called Vrath. In naturopathy, it is believed that fasting is important for preservation of health..
  • According to Naturopathy, the root cause of most of the diseases is the accumulation of toxic matter in the digestive system. Fasting is considered as one of the most important methods of nature cure. In Naturopathy, fasting is practiced to enable nature to perform its cleansing process in the body, without any hindrance, and without any additional load of food to digest.


  • Duration of fasting depends on age, nature of illness and prior drug usage. Under professional guidance, fasting could be started with smaller fasts lasting two to three days and gradually duration could be increased.
  • Considering every person has a unique physiological make-up and unique dietary and nutritional requirement, a comprehensive case study is prepared on the patient in order to cover past and current health concerns, lifestyle and family health. Based on this case study, a proper nutritional guidance is made to suit the patient's lifestyle and disease. Recommendation may also include guidance on supporting digestion and absorption, natural detoxification, managing stress and the avoidance of allergens or toxins.


  • Fasting therapy helps to excrete accumulated poisons, toxins and waste materials. Dead cells are removed, and new cell formation is sped up. It provides rest to the different organs of the body, especially the digestive and assimilative ones, and is good for treating disorders like indigestion, gas formation, obesity, asthma, high blood pressure, and other digestive disorders.