Therapeutic Yoga

ABOUT Therapeutic Yoga

  • Yoga comes from the word Yuj which means union. It can mean union of body, mind and soul. This is the philosophical aspect. Yoga is a part of Indian philosophy Shatdarsana. The ultimate aim of yoga / human birth is self-realization.
  • Yoga as a science has been developed by Maharshi Patanjali, and compiled into a book called Patanjali Yoga Sutras. In this book the Maharshi has explained the afflictions of body and mind and how to overcome them through a systematic approach called Ashtang yoga.

Medical system

  • Yoga as a system has been developed on the basis of the premise.
  • The body & mind is a temple where Brahman the deity resides. Hence, body & mind have to be kept in harmony and complete health for achieving self-realization. Health and wellbeing is an integral part of Yoga, as only a healthy body and mind can be a tool to achieve self realization. So Yoga has evolved as a Medical system which enables one to manage not only maintain health but also to treat diseases or disorders.


  • Therapeutic Yoga uses various techniques from different streams of Yoga like Asthanga, Hatha, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana etc. to treat ailments based on their causation and mechanism.
  • The benefits of therapeutic yoga are stronger than those in a regular fitness style yoga class because it offers one-on-one sessions designed to target the specific problems you want to resolve. The yoga instructor can focus more on you and what you need, so that the sequences are designed with your unique needs in mind.